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1999 was a fateful year for MistaCrane. That summer, Crane was introduced to writing rhymes and training in martial arts. At a major crossroads in life at that time, he left his home state of NH for sunny San Diego, CA. This move helped Crane remove himself from the circle of people he had surrounded himself with and unplug from the drug culture that they had fallen into. Crane turned his focus to furthering his skills in lyricism as well as martial arts, aiming to replace old habits with rewarding discipline. But it wasn’t till his time in Arizona that MistaCrane was able to bring his musical abilities forward. In 2012 Crane met Beatsmith Medore and Balance Brothers was born. Medore’s production style and Crane’s writing style was the perfect blend, reflecting the balance of life and music that the two strive for everyday. MistaCrane recently moved back to New England with his wife and their dog after being gone for 16 years.

You can contact MistaCrane via email at

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Aaron Ward is Skee, a South Berwick resident who has been rhyming for 15 years. Known for thoughtful lyrics and his uptempo style, he recently took home the People’s Choice trophy at the Spotlight on the Arts award show.  Skee most recently released a well received album entitled “Spot For My Name” and enjoys performing at local venues such as Redhook Brewery,  The Dover Brickhouse, and most recently the Raymond Town Fair.  To contact Skee, head to his Facebook or his BandCamp!

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Joseph M. Painter, also goes by the name J.O.E.Y. which stands for Just, Only, Explain, Yourself. He stands by this and does just that with his music. He doesn’t gloat about guns, drugs, or having so much money that he doesn’t know what to do with it. He does however speak on matters from the heart. His children, family, relationships. His mother Christine Painter mother of three is battling with lung cancer. He has said that “I’m doing this for my whole family, with hopes to inspire and keep heads up during a very difficult time.”

He has a music video on YouTube directed by Soule Cigar. Who also has a clothing line called SIXHUNDREDTHREE (featured in the video) the song is called “Ya Never know.” This track and the rest of his project titled “THE CANVAS” is a collaboration with producer/rapper TI-DOUB Michael Tilley. It has some features from TI-DOUB himself plus W.C.W. ZACK Laroache and Looni Batz Adam Carini and Melissa Cobban.

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Mr. Positivity

Born in Portsmouth NH on January 26 1989 Eddie McCabe grew up all over the seacoast area as well as PA NY ME an FL growing up in rough circumstances always on the move Eddie turned to music at 13 to find escape Eddie went down a long rough road for years until he finally found himself his prospective changed an he became Mr Positivity his main goal is to inspire others to believe in themselves an others an to go for there dreams an to show people how equal we all are through positive music an action Mr Positivity lives by three words PEACE LOVE an UNITY an wants to bring those strong words to life

Jamal Cooley

The name is Jamal Cooley, born and raised in Portsmouth NH. I’ve been a writer for over a decade. Recorded on and off with many local artists since high school. My influences vary from the struggle of my day, to smiles along the way.

I put my heart in everything I write, I hope you will enjoy.

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Michael Tilley AKA TI – DOUB was born and raised In Portsmouth NH. Music has always been a part of his life. Growing up his entire family was doing their own musical gigs which included jazz, rock n roll & blues…. to this day still you can find his aunt Sharon here in Portsmouth singing her heart out for the city. Keep tuned as you will always find new beats as he works hard in the studio to keep hits coming.

Peace, love & happiness.

Enjoy the beats!

Alpha Omega

Meet Alpha Omega: Onyx “Alpha Omega” Smith, has solidified his ranks amongst the great up and coming Rap/Hip Hop artists of the seacoast. His jazzy, smooth, and one of a kind flow is one you can’t compare to anyone else but himself. Alpha Omega discovered his passion at 6 years old, after listening to his older brother, Z-Chase rap. Z-Chase is amongst Alpha Omegas influences which include Dizzy Wright, Andre 3000, King Los, and the Rap God himself, Eminem. Raised in Seattle, Washington, Alpha Omega has tried to incorporate all styles of Hip Hop/Rap to form his own style. Want to discover more from Alpha Omega? #AlphaOmega or #MLMG on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud!

J Rivera

Here is my bio, not the greatest writer lol so anything you need to fix is cool.

Jonathan Rivera aka J.Era. born in Boston, lives in Amesbury ma. Music has always been apart of my life. Growing up my mom always wanted the best for me, at the age of 4 I was setting up pots and pans into a makeshift drum set in the kitchen. At the age of 5 I lost my dad and, not realizing it at the time, that’s when music became a big part of my life. After that I moved to a couple different places like fall river, new Bedford, cape cod,  and Quincy so music was all I had.  My last moved was to a town called Newburyport when i was about 10 and started to learn how to play the drums. When I was 16 I had a friend (onyx) introduce me into the game and how to make music. Growing up with just my mom, I heard old school rnb music and classics from artists that still influence me today, such as berry white, earth wind and fire, the temptations, the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, boys two men, 112 and more. Other artists that influence me today are dizzy wright, wiz khalifa, Fabolous, j.cole, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, big Sean and many others.

To me, music isn’t about getting paid. Its about bringing love to ones that doesn’t know how to express their feelings. There always someone out there that is in your same position, but never the same shoes.
Peace love and happiness!