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Who are We?

A hip-hop civic collective helping engage the community in nurturing talents while helping others, and having fun. What started as a casual alliance among local emcees, who shared frustrations on the booking business, quickly grew into a powerful, positive experience uniquely different than typical rap shows. Quality acts are carefully curated to maintain the premise and vision.

Since our emergence we have been fortunate enough to connect and donate to such organizations as the New Hampshire Food Bank, Teen Challenge and Somersworth Middle School. Many more to follow as community contribution is one of our shared priorities.

We believe hip hop is an extremely effective outlet, and performing a healthy way of releasing tension. Our styles are all contrasting but our commitment to self-improving as well as leaving by example bonds us together. We stand, rap, and represent the under-dogs and whom nobody believed in or accepted. As regular people we have made some of our dreams come true, organized and have made a positive impact on our community. Expect us to have everything from all ages family events, sober shows with live music, Food Drives and many other creative ways to have fun and pay it forward!

Past artists at our shows have been Bug Out from Granite State, Ape The Grim, Cody Pope, Myles Bullen, Uncle Sam, DJ Beat Perv, Dj Nefarious, Tuscan, Sam Jacobson, Deranged, Hekills, and many more.

Listen to Kingdom Now

We hope to inspire small voices to get big!

No matter who you are, we are rooting for you to overcome the challenges you face. Listen to our music, come to our shows, be a part of our KINGDOM. Let’s make hip-hop fun again and remember our responsibility of up keeping quality of life.

We plan to grow and offer youth programs, lyric workshops, artist development. Hire us to put on your event, book us to perform we are a collective with a lot of dimensions!

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